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Baby Bill 1932

Bill, Lillian, Sidney and Sandy. Ladner 1938.

Bill Spurway, Christina McLeod, 1904

Bill, radio Vancouver @1942

Grandpa Joe Clare, Norman Herbert Clare. Windsor, Ont

House in Kerisdale (Vancouver) 41st St.? 1942.

Lillian, Bill, Sid, Grandma Spurway

Lillian Spurway

Lilly and Ruth sometime in the 20s

Norman Herbert Clare, Bill, Sid, and Lillian.

Norman, Bill, Sid and Lillian

Sandy the dog, Bill and Sid. Ladner 1938.

Sid, Lillian, Little Norm 'Bubby', Bill. Vancouver @ 1943

Sidney, Norm, Bill @1944. Vancouver train station.
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