In case you stumbled upon this page looking for more info on the PXL 2000

Wikipedia entry for PXL200

Gerry Fialka's PXL This Film Festival

Will Erokan digitized and archived the entire catalog of the 'PXL This' festival going back to 1991.
At his site (to PXL This 20)
and (includes PXL This 21-23)

There's a PXL Group on Facebook

Tech Review article/overview of PXL2000 ... own-hands/

Discusses the history, art and science of Pixelvision ... lpage.html

More takeapart shots + the original manual scanned. Yes, you have to push eject to get it apart. ... 081521316/

"I offer deluxe, fully modded and circuit bent pxl2000 cameras."

DIY Repair/Mod
(This first one has the correct contact points for video/audio out.) ... source=472 ... ~joem/Pxl/ site as pdf.
Source for replacement belts mentioned in pdf.

Yahoo PXL Group

View (and download if you create a login account) US Patent 4875107

Lots of PXL stuff on Flickr including scans of manual.

What does a PXL tape Sound Like