Carole King1989-1993

One day in 1989 the phone rang and it was my road manager buddy from the Savoy Brown days, Joe Cardosi, inviting me to audition for Carole King. The audition was the Arsenio Hall show the day after tomorrow. We toured and recorded together through 1993- England and The Royal Albert Hall, Brazil, Japan, a few stateside tours and two records- Colour of Your Dreams and Carole King in Concert (which was also filmed, at Bushnell Hall, Hartford, 1993 now out on dvd). I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Carole and Co. With Rudy Guess- guitar and M.D., Ted Andreadis- keys, Robbie Kondor- keys, Jerry Angel- drums, Danny Pelfrey- sax and guitar, Brie Howard Darling- percussion and BU vocals, Linda Lawley- BU vocals and Sherry Goffin- BU vocals. Oh Yeah, and a whole lot of the best crew dudes you could ever hope to have humiliate you, the lowly bass player, in public.


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