Scott's First Live Album!
Released by Mike Varney's Blues Bureau label.
More soundbites at Alf's (official) Scott Henderson page.
Amazon is the first place online to have the album available that I can find.
Bob Bradshaw [video, 9.6 MB download!] describes SCOTT'S SIGNAL PATH.

Listen to Xanax
(This is a 9MB high quality mp3 of the entire song- so remember to
save it to disk so you don't have to download it twice! Ouch.)
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Disc 1
Well To The Bone
Sultan's Boogie
Lady P
Tacos Are Good

Disc 2
Dog Party
Fee Fi Fo Fum
Meter Maid
Nairobe Express
Devil Boy
Hillbilly In The Band

Scott Henderson: guitar
Kirk Covington: drums
John Humphrey: bass

Recorded by Robert Bradshaw at La Ve Lee Jazz Club, except Fe Fi Fo Fum, recorded by Daniele Rossi at La Palma Club, Rome, Italy.

Mixed by: Michael Landau and Scott
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt at Joe's Mastering Joint.
Artwork: Dave Stephens
Cover Photo: Monojorge
Musician Photos: Blanka Buic

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