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Staff Rehearsals
Currently employed MI staff members, including instructors, teaching assistants,
and administrative employees, are permitted to hold rehearsals in MI’s facilities
under the following conditions:

1. Staff guests
Staff guests, including anyone not currently enrolled or employed at MI, may only
be admitted to the MI building under certain conditions. See the Guest Policy for details.

2. Staff rehearsal rooms
Staff rehearsals may only be held in rooms 370 and 375. All other rehearsal rooms
are reserved for students.

3. Rehearsal slots
Rehearsal rooms may be reserved in two-hour time slots on weekday evenings between
6:30PM and 12:30AM depending on evening class schedules.

4. Reserving rehearsal rooms
Staff rehearsal slots may be booked up to one week in advance. The Director of Security
schedules all staff rehearsal requests.

5. Rehearsal limitations
In order to accommodate all staff members who wish to use MI facilities for rehearsal, each staff member is limited to one rehearsal slot reservation per week.

6. Standby rehearsal slot availability
If a staff rehearsal slot has not been reserved by 10:00AM on a given weekday, the slot may be reserved for that same evening by a staff member who has already reached the
one-rehearsal-per-week maximum.

7. Rehearsal room rules and regulations
Staff rehearsals are subject to the same rules and regulations that govern all rehearsals at MI.